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Equipaggi a terra di Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

La tua passione per gli Oceani

Worldfest 2005

Grazie per il tuo interesse per diventare un volontario a terra di Sea Shepherd.

Siamo conosciuti soprattutto per gli equipaggi in mare che attraversano gli oceani a bordo delle navi nere con lo scopo di difendere gli ecosistemi marini.

Una parte essenziale del lavoro non è conosciuto, ma si svolge a terra, dove migliaia di volontari, i cosiddetti equipaggi di terra, organizzano punti informativi, tengono conferenze o serate di proiezione, organizzano regate o manifestazioni sportive, proteste e volantinaggi.

Le nostre campagne oceaniche sono possibili solamente grazie al lavoro quotidiano di una moltitudine di persone che si impegnano per le risorse necessarie a comprare il carburante per le navi.

Abbiamo bisogno di te e del tuo impegno!

Volontario a terra di Sea Shepherd!

Per diventarlo segui le istruzioni che trovi qui

Ecco qualche idea che "Fa La Differenza":

Eventi per le presentazioni a livello locale in occasione di fiere, manifestazioni o eventi:

 Aiuta a creare la consapevolezza sui problemi che attaccano il nostro pianeta, compresa la distruzione degli ecosistemi marini in tutto il mondo.

Sea Shepherd fornirà il materiale necessario per allestire un tavolo con immagini, pieghevoli, merchandise, e tutto quello che serve per creare un nostro punto informativo. Tu dovrai trovare il posto, montare le attrezzature, e al resto pensiamo noi. Fai sentire le nostre notizie perchè le persone devono conoscerci e parlare di noi.

Organizza un evento benefit per SSCS presso un locale, un ristorante o in un luogo di riunione:

Usa la tua fantasia per mettere insieme un piccolo concerto che funga da filo conduttore per la parte benefit dell'evento.

Se conosci dei musicisti, dei gruppi, degli intrattenitori, o altre forme di spettacolo, puoi facilmente mettere in piedi una notte di spettacolo. Puoi organizzare la raccolta di fondi con dei barattoli per le offerte, con la vendita all'asta di oggetti di Sea Shepherd e con la vendita di gadget e merchandise al tavolo informazioni.

Cultivate Public Awareness:

Participate in protests/demonstrations led and/or organized by Sea Shepherd! Let us know if you are available to meet at a public place or government building to display signs, get petitions signed and get the word out!

Use your creativity to reach out to the public - create billboards and/or signs to educate the public!

Have a Sea Shepherd Party:

Invite everyone you know to join you for a House Party featuring videos of exciting Sea Shepherd footage saving marine life on the high seas!

Plan ahead: Get newsletters from the office, information  sheets and buy or borrow a videotape to show on your VCR.

(If you have a birthday to celebrate, you could ask for donations in lieu of gifts...)

Distribute information:

Copy and distribute Sea Shepherd info to anyone and everyone that may be interested in helping to protect marine wildlife. Please stress to them that a donation of any kind sent to our main address (P.O. Box 2616, Friday Harbor, WA 98250) would be very helpful, and that for donations of US$25.00 or more they will receive our newsletter and be eligible to crew on our ships SSCS accepts credit cards. SSCS also offers a recurring gift donation plan called the Direct Action Crew - donors can make a monthly or quarterly donation via their MasterCard, Visa, or American Express and from the U.S. or Canada they may use their checking account. See the form on the backside of the Donation Form, which is stapled into the middle of each newsletter. We also have some other special donation plans in the works which are featured on this website.


Help distribute our bi-annual newsletter, the Sea Shepherd Log! Each time we print it, we will send you whatever quantity you think you can hand out to potential supporters or place in a prominent public setting(i.e., library, coffee house, book store, scuba or marine shop, etc...).


Keep an eye on our "Wish List" to see what items are needed both on the ship and in the office. Feel free to call the office any time for an updated list. If you are asking someone else to donate an item, be sure to mention that in the United States, Sea Shepherd is what is called a 501(c)(3) non-profit, which means that cash and material donations are tax-deductible. When we receive a material gift, the donor can provide proof of the "fair market value" for which we can issue a receipt.


SSCS is constantly looking for crewmembers to work aboard our vessels that sail international waters to investigate, document and enforce marine conservation-related laws, regulations and treaties, as well as for other creative conservation work. Crewmembers are chosen by skills, dedication and commitment, and also by the time that they have available. Wherever our ships are docked there is a necessity for people to help maintain and clean the vessels. So, if our ship comes into a port near you, we may need your help. To volunteer to crew on our ships, visit our crewing page and download a printable application.


  1. Set up a fund-raiser at your school or in your town (bake sale, lemonade sale, car wash).
  2. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper or write a report about Sea Shepherd. Conservation Society to help your community, class and teacher learn about an organization of "regular citizens" just like yourself who decided to stop talking about problems and do something active to make a difference!
  3. Start a club at school or with your friends -- continue in your efforts to tell more people about what is happening to our world and start taking care of it now.
    • Plan letter-writing meetings -- Once you learn about some way that marine life is being harmed, learn as many facts as you can, gather all of the addresses of government officials who could help stop the abuse and get everyone to write intelligent, polite and direct letters. In the U.S., write your Senators and Representatives -- to find out whom to write, call 202-224-3121 for Senate Information and 202-225-3121 for House of Representatives information.
    • Plan events similar to the ones mentioned above (fundraising, dances, parties or video-watching).

Thank you for all of your efforts to support Sea Shepherd! We look forward to hearing from you!


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