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Welcome to Sea Shepherd UK. We have a large and active network of volunteers in the UK who organise a variety of events and fundraisers every year in support of Sea Shepherds global campaigns. We'll be posting items on this webpage about UK events and protests, how you can volunteer for us, and how you can join in with our onshore support network. Sea Shepherd UK is also working with other sympathetic organisations to help secure support for our global ocean wildlife conservation campaigns.

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Sea Shepherd’s 2010 Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna Defense Campaign


Photo Credit : Gary Stokes / OceanicLove.com

The United Nations has failed to agree on listing Bluefin Tuna at the recent meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna [CITES].

The decision occurred after Japan, Canada and many poor nations opposed the measure. Stocks of bluefin tuna have fallen by at least 85% since the industrial fishing era began. Bluefin quotas are set at a ludicrously high 13,500 tonnes by The International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT], but realistically over 60,000 tonnes are killed every year. The scientific community believe bluefin tuna may be extinct in the Mediterranean Sea in less than 5 years. The quota is too high, it is not enforced, there is insufficient political willpower to act, the same old story.

Monaco [who tabled the CITES ban motion] argued that the organization responsible for managing the bluefin fishery - ICCAT - had not implemented measures strict enough to ensure the species' survival.

Bluefin tuna had been put forward for proposed listing as an Endangered Species on CITES Appendix I – which would result in a complete ban on trade in the species among CITES parties. An expert panel of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization had examined the issue and felt an Appendix I categorization was necessary. In fact even ICCAT’s scientific advisors had recommended a trade ban as being justified.

Japan is once again leading the charge into the termination of the species. Japan worked with her allies and stopped the ban being invoked. Over 80% of bluefin tuna is sold in Japan, and companies holding large stockpiles of the valuable fish are keen to see the species become extinct – they will reap enormous profits and be able to control the market... There is simply too much money involved with greedy self interest groups, illegal fish traders and self-interested political forces having once again won the day. The bluefin tuna have no chance.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (Sea Shepherd) will be arriving in the Mediterranean this summer and will stand against the illegal overfishing of bluefin tuna. Sea Shepherd will do everything possible within the boundaries of international law to protect the magnificent bluefin. By sea, air and land, preparations are well underway for the Mediterranean bluefin tuna defense campaign, and Sea Shepherd’s flagship vessel Steve Irwin, having just returned from intervening against illegal whaling off the coast of Antarctica, is now on its way to enforce international conservation law in European waters.

Steve Roest
Chief Executive Officer



Ecotricity and Sea Shepherd working together to save the planet

Over 30% of all UK carbon emissions come from burning fossil fuels to generate electricity! The single biggest difference you can make to fight climate change is to switch to a genuinely green supplier.

Ecotricity, a supporter of Sea Shepherd, invests more per customer in building new green energy than all the other suppliers put together. Ecotricity will donate £25 to Sea Shepherd for every person that signs up.

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LUSH and Sea Shepherd Launch Global Anti-Shark-Finning Campaign

Alice Newstead Hung by Actual Shark Hooks in Protest of the Slaughter

Shoppers on Regents Street in central London likely got more than they bargained for. In a dramatic illustration of how sharks are caught and killed for their fins, Alice Newstead, performance artist, voluntarily had her skin pierced with actual de-barbed shark hooks and hung suspended from the ceiling in the window of one of LUSH's busiest shops for all to see.

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